Sophia Charles, LGSW

Meet the CEO of Inspiring Minds Inc., Sophia Charles. Ms. Charles received her bachelors degree from Binghamton University in 1994. She double majored in Sociology and Literature & Rhetoric. Ms. Charles received her Master of Social Work degree from Hunter College School of Social Work in 1998. Ms. Charles has worked in many sectors of the social work field. Ms. Charles has experience doing individual, group, and family therapy in both New York City and in Maryland. She has provided individual and group counseling in two level 5 schools, worked in Child Protective Services, provided foster care, and she managed her own group homes in Baltimore and New York City. Now, Ms. Charles is dedicated to providing quality support to members of the Baltimore Metro area through her Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program. Ms. Charles loves to serve those in need to help improve others lives. She believes in each one teach one. She grew up with a grandmother who had an enormous heart. She always kept her doors open to anyone in need. She always cooked more than the household needed and kept an extra beverage in case someone who was hungry and/or thirsty came by her home. She did not have much money and fed her family through the family’s plantation estate in the Caribbean. Her love and desire to serve others did not just influence Ms. Charles’s life, but the lives of her entire family. Ms. Charles stated of her grandmother, “she always reminded me that serving does not have to be with money but starts from a loving heart and wanting to be there to help improve someone else’s life. Whether it is through a plate of food or a drink of water, listening to someone else’s problems, giving a smile, using manners, finding resources advocating, showing compassion and kindness, and being selfless for a day, months, or years as it pleases our creator.” So, Ms. Charles has lived her life at home or working in the community doing and giving what comes naturally to her, which is to serve others. Ms. Charles truly believes that through the act of serving with love, we can transform lives one person at a time.